92Y Instructor Biography

Josh Bayer

Josh Bayer lives in Harlem and has worked as a Graphic Novelist, Fine Artist and Illustrator for twenty years. His work combines satire and a genre fusion tying together different historical cartooning styles with a devout punk rock anti-narrative. His comics work has been reviewed on four continents and since 2007 has repeatedly been singled out as being among the "best of" Independent comics by journalists like Robert Clough and Jeff Newlet. He has been the subject of features in The Comics Journal, Study Group Magazine and the WowCool comics blog. Josh also has an extensive career producing conceptual art for a variety of TV and film productions for clients including MTV, HBO and Amnesty International. His work can be seen in the title sequence for HBO's Rome (2006), Newline's Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) and Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" video (2012). Josh is the editor of the anthology Suspect Device and the curator of the of the Suspect Device Art Show, scheduled to appear in Boston and Los Angeles through 2013. Josh earned an MFA in Illustration and Cartooning in 2009, and has been teaching professionally since 2007 at schools like 92nd Street Y, The Educational Alliance and 3rdWard ArtSChool, where he has taught cartooning, inking, gouache, pastel, pencil and watercolor.

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