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Christopher North

Christopher North is a composer, bassist and multi-instrumental musician (on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and on Grammy award-winning recordings.)  He's composed for Film, TV, Theater, Dance and various ensembles (jazz, chamber music, orchestral, etc.) He's a published singer/songwriter (eclectic rock, funk and folk as well as children's music including Disney, Noggin, & Sesame Street).

Hailing from Texas, he followed his muse to Manhattan in 1997. He now thrives in Brooklyn, having released 12 albums (with several more back logged soundtracks out soon), scored 8 feature films as well as countless shorts, most of which are currently screening / distributed around the world (DVD, Netflix, Itunes).  

On 02.02.02, he released two albums, Opus Zero (chamber music & art songs) and De La Sur (rock, funk and folk songs) with related themes between them. Aside from his previously created music and songs being dropped into films,  many of his film scores' cues feature songs with lyrics and song forms. His "Feather Lake Song" from the play The Forever Waltz  is "as hummable as any contemporary hit". He is currently  working a double album of rock songs, ambient tracks and chamber music called Space Bar.
Variety says he's a "notable asset." His first feature Everything's Jake, starring Ernie Hudson as a homeless musician, features Ethel String Quartet and Andy Middleton on sax with the composer on everything else, can be seen on STARZ. Eavesdrop (on Netflix, Itunes), with 82 minutes of music feature Eroica Trio, Ethel, Harp and Jazz Quintet playing 12 original jazz tunes. His 6th feature, Bible Quiz, won Best Documentary 2013 at Slamdance in Park City, UT and will be showing on The SUNDANCE Channel starting late Fall 2013. The score for L'Absinthe, his eighth feature, is off to festivals in Europe and will soon be released on vinyl.

He has taught at 92nd St Y since 1997 (lessons/classes on Bass, Songwriting, Guitar and Music Theory). Recently, he's played bass on film scores, trailers and video games. He's also been in demand as a multi-instrumentalist, especially on newly created boutique instruments - he's is the only person on the planet that plays and owns a Marcodi harpejji, a guitarviol, a slaperoo, a Suzuki Andes 25, a bass Uke and a Veillette Gryphon.


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