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Curriculum for Children, Ages 5-9

Curriculum, Ages 5-9

92Y’s Educational Outreach Program in the Arts has developed a curriculum for children ages 5-9 about the art created by and for the children of Terezín. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the related program Remember Me: A Program for Schools and Families on Jan 18, or independently.


Remember Me: Music, Art and Poetry Celebrating the Children of Terezín

Download Curriculum Guide [PDF]

Download Student Journal [PDF]

The music, drawings and poetry created by and for the children of Terezín are poignant documents that attest to the human spirit and the resilience of children. These innocent and honest works of art allow us to see through their eyes what their lives were like and what dreams they had. The art and music of that time and place in history are a testimony to the courage of the children and their teachers to teach, to paint, to learn, to compose and to hope. Composers such as Pavel Haas and Leoš Janáček inspired an entire community of performers and musicians, poets and artists to create under all circumstances and to allow the joy of the arts to be the most powerful force in their daily lives.

“… a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” —John Keats