Community Connections

The mission of 92nd Street Y, a world-class Jewish community and cultural center, is to enrich lives, create community and – in some small way – elevate humanity.

To do that, we not only welcome people of all ages, races, religions and backgrounds, we actively reach out to a diverse range of communities – public school children, teens, seniors and more. Will to Create, Will to Live: The Culture of Terezín began with a series of public events, but in order to reach all of our communities with its message, we created learning opportunities especially for school children, teens and seniors, as well.

Live from New York’s 92nd Street Y

Live from New York’s 92nd Street Y utilizes closed-circuit satellite technology to broadcast 92Y’s renowned educational and cultural programming to community organizations across the United States and Canada. In its ninth year, this program has served over 100 non-profit organizations.

The Jan 17 concert will be broadcast by Live from New York’s 92nd Street Y. If your organization would like to find out more about participating in this broadcast, please contact us at 212.415.5674.

Musical Introduction Series

92Y’s Musical Introduction Series is a partnership among students, teachers, teaching artists and performing artists that provides in-school instruction, professional development and concerts by acclaimed performers to over 3,200 K-3 students. The program introduces students to musical concepts; enables students to create and perform through singing, rhythmic accompaniment, storytelling and movement; and instills an early appreciation for music from a variety of styles and traditions.

Musical Introduction Series presents Remember Me: Music, Art and Poetry Celebrating the Children of Terezín. The curriculum and culminating performances are designed to explore the works of art created by and for the children of Terezín, allowing today’s students to see through their eyes what their lives were like and what dreams they had.

Poetry Center Schools Project

92Y’s Poetry Center Schools Project provides 1,500 New York City public school students with in-class workshops by 92Y staff, intimate dinner conversations with and readings from renowned authors and writing workshops at 92Y. The Project advances 92Y’s Poetry Center’s goal to build a new and younger literary audience and works to instill a fundamental understanding of writing and to inspire reading proficiency, passion and skill.

As part of the Schools Project, two high school classes will study the work of Czech author and Terezín survivor Ivan Klíma. On Feb 6, the students will meet with him privately, attend his reading and receive a copy of his latest book.

Teen Center

92Y’s Teen Community Center and Leadership Program reaches out to middle and high school students across New York City to provide over 1,500 youth with service learning opportunities. This program fosters leadership abilities, encourages the development of new skills and talents and broadens knowledge and understanding of the community. Components include: Teensgiving, 92Y’s biggest single-day community service event; multi-week and “one-shot” community service opportunities at 92Y and citywide organizations; Teen Fellows leadership development initiative and educational enrichment programs where political, religious and community leaders speak to our teens on social action.

Teen Center students will have a private Q&A and discussion with the participants in the Jan 18 panel, “The Story of Terezín,” including two survivors of Terezín, before attending the event.

Connect Jewish Afterschool

92Y’s Connect Jewish Afterschool program for children in grades K-8, is available to families all backgrounds. Bible, history, values and holidays are taught through crafts, storytelling, music, drama, conversations and text study. 92Y’s Jewish educators bring Judaism to life and capture the imagination and interest of every child. Connect also offers an innovative and creative Bar/Bat Mitzvah program and Hebrew tutoring program.

Middle school students from Connect Jewish Afterschool will have the unique opportunity to meet with and learn from Zuzana Justman, a Terezín survivor and filmmaker.

Himan Brown Senior Program

Of all 92Y’s programs, 92Y’s Himan Brown Senior Program is one of the best examples of how we reach out to the community at large to meet a profoundly underserved need. The Program enriches the lives of older adults by providing a wide variety of activities and classes that keep seniors’ minds and bodies active and engaged. Seniors are provided with an important social outlet, where they can connect with peers in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The program’s strongest dividend is the sense of community it creates among its members: the average membership is ten years and the average attendance is three days a week.

92Y will offer members of Himan Brown Senior Program the opportunity to attend private screenings of the BBC documentary The Music of Terezín and the Emmy Award-winning documentary Voices of the Children. These events will feature exclusive Q&As with the directors.