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The Resource Center for Jewish Diversity works with grass-roots organizations representing different ethnic groups within the Jewish community, helping to develop the skills and knowledge they need to successfully organize members, create and run programs and become an integral part of the broader Jewish collective.

We provide consulting in organizational development areas including programming, budgeting and financial management, marketing and public relations, fundraising, website and internet strategy and leadership and board development.

We also develop educational programs and materials that foster increased awareness and appreciation of the diversity within the Jewish community. Through advocacy and coordination, we strive to engage mainstream Jewish organizations in greater outreach to diverse segments of the community. All of our efforts aim to profoundly change the way in which the New York Jewish community perceives itself and is perceived by others.

Organizational Development Program

In working with diverse grassroots organizations, we provide the tools necessary to better serve their community. Our knowledgeable staff organizes trainings to assist in the establishment of a solid foundation for successfully run programs. By reaching out to our extensive contacts, we connect participating organizations to other local Jewish groups, enabling them to network and to play a larger role in the greater Jewish community.

We listen to each organization's objectives and help them assess their needs. We then customize an Organizational Development Plan and work together to help them set goals and priorities and to establish benchmarks to monitor their progress. We provide training in the areas needed for success, including the following:

  • Organizational structure
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Program development
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Networking

Evaluation of each organization's progress is conducted regularly to insure that goals are being met and to fine-tune the plan when necessary.

In addition, all participating organizations receive an introduction to the network of Jewish community groups, leading to a greater understanding of how they interconnect and the role each ethnic community plays within the broader Jewish collective, both locally in New York as well as globally.

Community Educational Programs

We plan educational events and conferences designed to inform the broader Jewish population about its diversity. We also develop materials about the history, culture and customs of the many different ethnic groups that comprise the New York Jewish community, as well as the issues and challenges faced.

Community Advocacy and Coordination with Other Jewish Organizations

We advocate for a more inclusive community and coordinate with established Jewish institutions including synagogues, schools, camps, community centers, cultural institutions and foundations regarding more effective outreach, support and engagement with the diverse segments of the community.

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