Frequently Asked Questions


Who can we contact with technical questions?

92Y works with Keystone (formerly known as Globe Cast) to provide the satellite transmission from 92Y to participating locations. If you have technical questions about any aspect of Live from NY’s 92nd Street Y™ you can contact Lyle Mansfield at Keystone, 801.908.1139 or

What equipment do we need to participate in Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™?

To participate, your location needs digital satellite equipment to receive the signal being broadcast from 92Y and audio/video equipment to display the program to your audience. The necessary satellite equipment (a small dish and a receiver) is available for rental or purchase, as discussed below. Audio/video equipment could be as simple as a tv monitor or, more likely for a large group, a screen and video/data projector. Your organization may already have these items. If you are a returning Live site, please note there was an equipment upgrade in the spring of 2007. If you chose not to participate, your equipment will not be compatible with our transmission format and you will need to upgrade before you participate. 92Y is not responsible for delays in implementing an upgrade. In the spring of 2009, there was a system-wide upgrade to satellite receivers. Please email Jessica Schneider if you need instructions regarding the satellite upgrade.

Who are the equipment vendors that we should contact to rent or purchase the satellite equipment?

We highly recommend Keystone, the company that provides satellite transmission from 92Y. We, and our participants that chose to use Keystone, have been very happy with their service. You are not obligated to use Keystone, however, the technical help desk which is provided by Keystone the night of each broadcast will only be able to assist locations that have purchased their equipment through Keystone. Keystone is not able to troubleshoot with equipment they did not provide. If you still wish to use a different vendor, please contact us for the specific equipment needs and satellite coordinates you will need to provide to your vendor in order for your equipment to be installed properly.

Is it cheaper for us to rent or purchase the necessary satellite equipment?

The cost of renting the equipment to receive the satellite signal from Keystone ranges between $1,000 and $1,400 per day (not including the screen, projector and sound equipment). This equipment can be purchased from Keystone for an average of $2,000 to $2,500 depending on your site's layout. Therefore, if you anticipate that you will be participating in two or more events, it is generally cheaper to purchase the equipment.

Are there other locations in our community that may already have the equipment to receive the transmission?

There are many organizations and institutions that already possess the equipment necessary to receive a satellite transmission, including colleges, libraries and other community centers. Partnership opportunities with such organizations are feasible and can be explored as a means to bring Live from NY’s 92nd Street Y™ to your community. Please contact us for more information.


Will I have the exclusive right to take Live broadcasts in my community?

In most communities, subscribers have the exclusive rights to our broadcasts for approximately 30 miles or for a certain city, but you should check with us first. However, in densely populated areas (such as South Florida or Long Island, NY) we review requests on a case-by-case basis.


What do I have to do to prepare for the broadcast?

TEST YOUR SATELLITE AND AUDIO/VISUAL EQUIPMENT at least one week before the broadcast and again the morning of each broadcast. Inclement weather can shift the satellite position, which can lead to poor reception. In general, early testing should allow you ample time to make any position adjustments or repairs. In addition, a few hours prior to the broadcast, you should test the satellite transmission equipment and audio/video equipment again. To test your equipment, you can simply flip through the channels and see if you are able to pick up any broadcast. Alternatively, you can contact Keystone at 888.908.9876 to ask what should appear on a channel at a particular time. You can verify your signal by making sure you are receiving what Keystone tells you it is broadcasting. If you experience severe weather prior to the day of the broadcast, test your equipment at that point.

How do I find out what channel the transmission will be on?

Approximately one week prior to the broadcast, you will receive an email from us with the transmission information for the broadcast. In addition to telling you the appropriate channel for the broadcast, the email will also provide you with the name and phone numbers for 92Y contact for the day of the broadcast and information on submitting questions to our speakers when relevant.

Event Planning

Can we charge our patrons for the event?

Yes, most organizations do charge their patrons between $5 and $18 per ticket. Many offer reduced prices for seniors, students and "subscriptions" to the series (i.e., if a patron purchases tickets to one program, the cost is $10, but if they purchase tickets to three programs, the cost is $7/ticket.) Some places also offer the broadcasts for free with an organizational membership or the programs are free to the general public thanks to an underwriter or a corporate sponsor. With the "buy two, get one free" program, you may want to take advantage of our free broadcasts and pass on the "free" aspect to your communities.

What are some other opportunities created by Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™?

Organizations across the country have found 92Y’s broadcast programs to be:

  • an exciting occasion to serve as the basis for a fundraising event or other special event by offering a dinner, cocktail reception, raffle, etc. before or after the broadcast
  • an opportunity to sell books related to the lecture as a source of additional education or income, as you may be able to obtain a percentage of the revenue of the books sold
  • the foundation for a moderated discussion group at your organization’s site before or after the broadcast
  • an additional resource for academic institutions
  • a dynamic event to incorporate into a book club series
  • the cornerstone for a series of related activities

What has been the audience experience in watching a lecture or discussion on a large video screen?

Audiences have reacted very enthusiastically and positively to viewing the NY-based broadcasts. With few exceptions, we begin each broadcast by welcoming both our New York audience and each of our remote locations (your organization's name or location will be announced to all participating venues). This special welcome makes remote audiences feel as if they are truly a part of a North American community. In addition, most programs are designed to be interactive, with the opportunity for audience members in remote locations to ask questions via email or fax. 92Y's procedure is to give questions to the moderator 30-45 minutes into the program, so please get your questions in as early as possible. Here at 92nd Street Y, we supply index cards and pencils for the audience's questions. Twice during the early part of the event, our ushers walk up and down the aisles collecting any completed index cards. You can establish a similar procedure and email or fax us your audience questions. The moderator will then read the question and is asked to include the location (i.e., "This question comes from Milwaukee"). This is just one more reason the remote audiences feel like they are active participants who contribute to the success of the program.

Will there be additional promotional materials available?

Yes. 92Y will make available additional promotional materials for each program that is broadcast as part of Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™, including photographs and background information on the speakers. Once you choose your programs and send us your signed contract, photos are sent on a disk in TIF or JPEG formats which can be used to create your own marketing materials. We will also send you our 92nd Street Y and Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ logos. We remind you that, pursuant to our agreement, you should use these logos in your program marketing. You should also email us a proof of your material in order for us to help you proofread your text and make sure that you have all available program updates in your information.

Are there references at organizations that have participated in Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ in the past that we can contact?

Yes. Organizations that have participated in the past have been very pleased with the events and are eager to discuss their positive experiences. References are available upon request.

Program Costs

What are the total costs to us for these programs?

Thanks to generous underwriting from the Skirball Foundation, the program costs range from $360-$500 per program, depending on your organization’s tax standing as a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(7). For every two programs your organization pays for at $360 or $500 respectively, you will be entitled to one free broadcast from a predetermined list. The equipment cost depends on whether you rent or purchase the satellite equipment as well as the cost of audio/video equipment, which your organization may already have. Equipment costs and marketing are not included in 92Y’s program fees.

Is there any opportunity to receive a discount if we sign up for several programs?

Yes. For every two programs you purchase at $360 or $500, you receive a third program free off of a predetermined list of options.

Buy Two, Get One Free

If eligible for a free event, but unable to take any of the free events offered in the season, can we postpone our free event until the next season?

Yes, if you take your free event within the same fiscal year (July-June). Free events cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year, so if you have a conflict in our spring schedule you cannot carry it over into the following fall.

What if the free event I want to take is before my second paid event?

This is fine. As long as you have agreed in writing to pay for two events in a season, it does not matter when the free event takes place.

If there is only one event we can take and it is one of the free events, can I purchase this event?

Scenarios like this will be handled on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of 92Y. Should we agree to allow the purchase of a free event, the cost will be higher than the standard pricing. We would like to encourage our locations to take multiple events.

If 92Y adds a new event to its schedule after the initial schedule is sent out, can we change our selections?

As long as the event you originally chose has enough participation to still go ahead as a broadcast (without your location), you are able to change your selection within one week of 92Y announcing the new event. However, if a new free event is added, you cannot cancel a paid broadcast to take the new free one. You must sign up for two additional paid ones, or it is likely that you will have to pay higher than the typical cost ($360 or $500 each) to take the free one.

DVD Sales

How do the DVD sales work?

Most broadcasts offered in our current season will also will be available for sale on DVD for $180 each. A maximum of three DVDs can be purchased by any single organization. These may be shown as your organization's schedule permits. These sales will NOT apply to the "Buy two, get one free" pricing model. DVDs are intended for group viewing and cannot be re-sold, duplicated or loaned to any third party or organizational member.

Are DVDs of past events also available?

We offer many of our events from past seasons for sale on DVD. You can see a list of available DVDs on Live’s Private Client site under “DVD Sales.” DVDs can be purchased at any time throughout the year by filling out the form on the website and either mailing it in with a check or faxing it in with your credit card information. Each DVD costs $180 for Live subscribers ($220 if not a Live subscriber) and these sales will NOT apply to the “Buy two, get one free” pricing model. DVDs are intended for group viewing and cannot be resold, duplicated or loaned to any third party or organizational member.

Do I need any special equipment for DVDs?

In addition to the screen and projector you need for our typical satellite broadcasts, you will need a DVD player or a computer that can play DVDs to show your DVDs.


What happens to our fees if 92Y cancels a broadcast prior to the day of the event?

The broadcast costs for 92nd Street Y are significant. If there is very little interest in a particular event, 92nd Street Y reserves the right to cancel a broadcast. Every effort will be made to give everyone as much advance notice as possible, usually four weeks. In the event of a cancellation, 92nd Street Y will refund the full cost of the participation fee, but, unfortunately, we cannot refund any of your marketing fees.

What if the cancelled event was my second event (and therefore would have made me eligible for a free event)? Am I still eligible if 92Y cancels?

If we cancel at least fifteen days before the event, you must purchase a future event or apply your credit to a future event to be eligible for the free event. If we cancel within fifteen days of the event, you will be eligible for the free event without any further purchase.

What if 92Y cancels the free event I want to take? Can I take another?

Yes, within the same fiscal year. No refunds will be offered for cancelled free events.


Can we videotape the program and play it at other times?

No. The release that 92Y receives from the program speakers prior to the broadcast does not permit any reuse of the program by any other organization of participant at those organizations. You agree not to tape or rebroadcast these events when you sign the Participation Agreement.

Is it possible for 92Y to rebroadcast the program on a different date or delay the broadcast until a later time?

All Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ programs will only be broadcast at the time they are presented at 92Y. However, we have permission to offer most programs on DVD for one-time group viewing.

Can 92Y provide transcripts of broadcasts?

No. 92Y is aware that people would like transcripts of many speakers, but is unfortunately unable to provide them at this time. If there are extenuating circumstances, (such as an emergency building closing), 92Y will consider loaning a DVD of a broadcast to an organization that had selected and paid for a broadcast. This is not a guarantee and all requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Information

Who can we contact if we have any additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jessica Schneider at 212.415.5674, or Karen Kolodny, Director of the Milstein/Rosenthal Center for Media and Technology of 92nd Street Y, at 212.415.5695 / email.

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