Jessi Patz

Jessi Patz is a NYC based choreographer, dancer and passionate teacher. Co-founder/Artistic Director of Ground Grippers Dance Company, her work straddles the more-or-less independent worlds of modern dance and Lindy Hop. Jessi has taught, choreographed and performed for film, theater, comedy and dance all over the world! She has trained and performed with Maria Bauman, Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, Roddy Caravella, Faye Driscoll, Suzanne Farrell, Julie Johnson, Frankie Manning, Mia Michaels, Adele Myers, Becky Radway, Jawole Zollar, among others. Her work has been presented at 92Y, Cirque This! at Triskelion Arts, Dumbo Dance Festival, Green Space, Evolve, MidSummer Night Swing, QCA’s Leap Dance Project and more.