Resident Testimonials

What are residents saying about living at 92Y Residence?


 “The best part of living at 92Y is the gym. … If I want to take Zumba and Spinning classes, all I have to do is go downstairs.” ~ Sarah O’Neill, 20, UBS intern, Connecticut

“Having shared bathrooms and kitchens is a perk, because that means we don’t have to clean them! We have great maid service here ... Not having to worry about cleaning gives me more time to focus everything else I have going on. Also, I love the express subway at 86th Street. It literally drops me off at school, and my subway ride to 14th Street takes only 7 minutes!” ~ Rebecca Sunshine, 19, New York Film Academy student, Australia

“Everything is accessible and in a 5 block radius: coffee shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, movies, grocery stores. Socializing in the residence halls is really easy, too. On Friday nights, everyone has their doors open and we’re all talking about where we want to go out. I live on the 11th floor, so I have big picturesque views of Manhattan. I love it. And my closet is huge.” ~Sarah Schiffmann, 19, Lucky Magazine intern and student at New York Institute of Technology, Paris

“I’m interning at New York Presbyterian Hospital and my commute is 30 minutes door to door. Our proximity to the 86th Street subways is awesome.” ~Elizabeth Atteh, 20, New York Presbyterian Hospital intern, Cornell University, Connecticut

“Getting to know people here is easy. We’re always cooking together in the communal kitchen. The events at 92Y are really cool, too. I’m an artist, so I appreciate the creative energy of the institution.” ~ Ivan Gomez, 21, New York Film Academy, Mexico

“92YResidence is like a university dorm but better. … We have a big kitchen where we all congregate. It’s like having an apartment but in a dorm setting with people who are all around the same age. We’re all friends.” ~ Jeet Joglekar, 21, Maxim Group intern, New Jersey

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