Discover how to model practically any form in 3D. 

In this informative and accessible online on-demand lecture, students learn to use Rhinoceros, a 3D modeling program. We cover everything from introductory topics, like how to operate the user interface, to drawing in 2D and building 3D shapes from 2D drawings. By the end of the class, you’ll walk away knowing how to model virtually any form.

OnDemand classes will expire on Nov 1, 2014.

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Che-Wei Wang [pron. say-way] is an artist, designer and architect. His work involves a wide range of disciplines and skills, including architecture, exhibition design, web design, interactive installations, robotics, sculpture and product design. Che-Wei is the winner of a 2003 SOM Foundation fellowship and the Young Alumni Achievement Award from Pratt Institute. He holds a bachelor of architecture degree from Pratt Institute and a masters from ITP at NYU. His  website is


This event is part of 92Ys Virtual Clay™ series: offering first of a kind, real-time online classes that gather a vibrant community of artists, designers and art historians to speak with you about important topics in ceramics. The conversations are meant to challenge preconceptions and explore new territory, inspiring you to think about the world in fresh and different ways. All of this in the comfort of your home, studio or classroom.

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